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Understanding Mortgage Basics

Strap on your best cutoffs and flannel, y'all! 🏡💪 Dive into the wild world of mortgages with the beefiest, funniest realtor in town. We're breaking down mortgage basics faster than a shotgun wedding, making sure you're ready to love your first home without the baffling banker talk. Whether you're buying a cozy cabin or a fixer-upper, this redneck realtor's got your back. Let's turn those homebuying dreams into reality, one hilarious tip at a time.

Exploring North Atlanta's Kid Biz Expo

🚀 Dive into the world of young entrepreneurs and discover how this vibrant city supports dynamic family lifestyles. 🏡✨ Interviews, drone views of Crabapple Market, and real estate insights await! Thinking of showcasing your home or business in an episode? Let's connect!

Unlocking DownPayment Assistance

🌲 Welcome to the great outdoors of down payment assistance! I'm your guide, The CrossFittin' REALTOR®, dressed in my finest lumberjack attire. Let's navigate the wilderness of home buying and discover how you can get that elusive down payment assistance. 🌲

Pre-Qual vs Pre-Approval

Today we discuss the difference between a prequalification and a preapproval & what it takes to get to each. It’s not as daunting as some may think but it’s an important first step in the journey of purchasing a home. Don’t start shopping without one, it sets the tone for a clear path and keeps you from falling in love with something you just can’t afford.

The CrossFittin’ REALTOR®’s Detective Guide

🔍🏠 Join me, The CrossFittin’ REALTOR®, as I don my detective hat and cloak to solve the Home Inspection Mystery. In this satirical yet factual guide, I’ll reveal why every homeowner should consider a home inspection. Perfect for new and seasoned buyers and sellers. 🔍🏠

A Fireside Chat with The CrossFittin' REALTOR®

🔥 Welcome to a cozy fireside chat with The CrossFittin' REALTOR®. Don your fuzzy slippers and join me as I break down the do's and don'ts of home buying—all while rocking a robe and ascot. This video is as satirical as it is factual, perfect for newbies and seasoned homebuyers alike. 🔥